Une passion familiale

It was in the 60’s that the first vines were planted by my grandfather, Raymond Sourdet. Patrick and Nadine, my parents, knew how to perpetrate the family passion and to transmit it to me. Today, with  Damien, my husband, we are proud of this heritage and hope that one day, in turn, will give the passion to our children.

Wine exhibition in Belgium

Roeselare Foire au vin
October 2020

St Niklaas Foire au vin
October / November 2020

Wine exhibition in France

Livraisons par nos soins, programmées dans les départements suivants : 59-62, 07-26, 67-68

Wine Paris (Porte de Versaille)
Salon Professionnel
February 2021

Paris 15ème
Marché Pari Fermier Rue St Charles
March 2021

Paris Porte de Champerret
Salon des vignerons indépendants
March 2021

Seclin (près de Lille)
Salon Les vins de terroirs et produits régionaux
April 2021